Med, Med, Med

The Twelve Days Of Gullmas continues apace each evening with varying amounts of success and varying numbers.

Sunday’s first-winter Mediterranean Gull Larus melanocephalus  reappeared on Christmas Eve joined by an adult bird just as  the light was fading.

Numbers predictably dropped on Christmas Day, though a different adult Mediterrean Gull appeared albeit briefly, and 9 Pintail Anas acuta graced D reservoir with their prescence.

Boxing Day saw maybe another two new Meds in the area. A 2nd winter was seen in the morning by Steve Routledge and Chris Atkin, though this bird failed to appear in the evening roost. However, the adult of Christmas day dropped in and possibly a new 1st winter took up residence on D reservoir. The Pintail remained and an increase in Aythya included a 1st winter drake Scaup A. marila.

Despite Christmas festivities being over, gulls are still coming in to roost and this evening saw a good number of Herring Gulls L. argentatus on D reservoir, but nothing of note could be picked out in dreadful weather and viewing conditions.

Still, with perhaps five new Mediterranean Gulls in the area, there has maybe been a little bit of movement, which suggests more cold damp evenings await.


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