Sagres 2013… the story so far

Cabranosa… the place to observe raptor migration in Portugal has once again turned into a fantastic experience.

I’ve seen 20 species of raptor so far along the peninsula which include what should be the first acceptable cirtensis Long-legged Buzzard for Sagres, while an interesting Circaetus species, potentially a Beaudoiun’s Snake Eagle was found last Monday morning, and fortunately reappeared again during the afternoon when I got to Cabranosa. With expert advice from authorities on the subject, this could be a real mega! However, we still await 100% confirmation.

Pallid Harrier, Montagu’s Harrier, Spanish Imperial Eagle and Black Vulture have also been seen in the area, but none have made it to Cabranosa just yet.

However, what will the next 8 days yield???

A trip report will be forthcoming, once I can download my pictures, and hopefully be allowed to publish some others.

Cabranosa… it really is an experience!!!


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