Prolita sexpunctella – one of the few Yorkshire records

Prolita sexpunctella Ryton, North Yorkshire July 2013

Regular visits to an area of private land at Ryton, near Malton in North Yorkshire has over the years turned up several fantastic records for Doug Fairweather – Lesser Grey Shrike Lanius minor and Convolvulus Hawk-moth Agrius convolvuli just two of the species that come to mind.

Many pictures are taken over a year for recording and identification, and these moth photos ended up in the folder labelled ‘To Identify Over The Winter’ as the busy summer of recording during 2013 unfolded.  

Prolita sexpunctella Ryton, North Yorkshire July 2013

Identified as the moorland species Prolita sexpunctella it quickly became apparent it is one of the few records for Yorkshire – only ten individuals had been recorded since the species was first noted in 1859. This becomes the second modern day record in VC62, the last being in 2011, though in Yorkshire as a whole records are scarce as per Yorkshire Moths

VC61 – 1 record in 1904

VC63 – 4 records between 1883 and 1920

VC65 – 2 records between 1883 and 2004

Another fantastic species added to the Ryton site list.


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